Interview – Rachel Kolisi

Rachel Kolisi is a working mom but she balances her career and home life with such grace. We caught up with her to ask her a bit about herself and her family life beyond being the wife of South African Rugby captain Siya Kolisi.

This is what she had to share with us.

Hi Rachel thank you for sharing with us here at mom_scaping. We appreciate the time you have taken to speak to us.

1.When you became a mother for the first time, did you face any challenges post pregnancy?

Recovery? Yes, my son was born at 32 weeks and was in NICU for 3 weeks after his birth we were home for 2 days and my liver started failing so we were readmitted 

Depression? No

Hormonal Issues? No

2. Who is more like you between Nicholas and Keziah?

I think they both have a lot of me in them in different kind of ways. But people often say Kez is a lot like Siya and Nic a lot like me (personality wise)

3. Many women admire the fact that you have taken Liphelo and Liyema as your children officially. Can you offer advice to moms out there who also are undergoing an adoption too?

It’s worth every single fight and battle you endure along the way to getting them. I know Its sometime extremely difficult navigating the legalities but just remember who you’re doing it for. You’re changing a Childs entire life and thats no small thing.

4. Do you have a mom role model? Someone who inspires you.

I have plenty in my personal circle that I admire and try learn from. Moms that have managed to raise incredible men and women (sometimes on their one) while building a incredible career for themselves. And some that sacrificed their own dreams and careers in order for their husbands to thrive in the work environment and children upbringing are top priority.

5. What is your favourite quote, or saying you live by?

Proverbs 3:6 , Read more

6. You are an entrepreneur and a mom of 4 beautiful kids. How do you balance work life and home life?

I have the most incredible business partner. and the most supportive husband. Sometimes I feel like I’m dropping the ball either at work or at home with the children and the guilt is so real, but I have amazing people around me who remind me that it’s okay to not have it altogether 100% of the time. I organise my days really well and always remember whats priority.

7. What inspired you to start Rise Woman?

It was actually first conceptualised by my partner Tammy Rawstron, and was birthed from a place of desperation, we were both going through really tough personal experiences and went on a health/fitness,heart, sole , mind journey and a lot of women wanted to know more about it and we wanted to make it accessible to all women, and Rise was created.

8. Lastly, are there any future plans that you could share with us for your journey to empower woman?

We have some massively exciting thing coming around the time of our 1st birthday (1st of June 2020) but for now we are about to launch our online training program (rise_studios__ on insta) which is great during this isolation period for those wanting to get a workout in.

9. How do you deal with the controversy that sometimes surrounds your marriage in the media and social media users?

People always have unnecessary comments! I don’t give these people or their comments any energy unless I have a good clap back ready 🙂

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