Things to do after intimacy?

Experts suggest that couples who maintain physical contact after being intimate creates a bond between the couple even as the day continues and keeps the intimacy between couples strong. Woman tend to feel vulnerable after sex and the time spent cuddling with us makes us feel loved.

Post-sex intimacy is just as important to a women’s pleasure as foreplay.

study from author Robin Milhausen, Ph.D.

Seems because a women’s (and men’s) bodies are flooded with oxytocin—the bonding hormone—after sex, making them crave more affection, he says.

Couples who even sleep in the nude have reported that they feel more connected to their partner and are in better moods when they wake up.

Here are three things you should try after you are intimate with your partner to keep the love flowing..


In the after glow of your love making. Take the time to talk about the encounter and what you loved about it. True, it might take a few tries till you get the flow right as not everyone is a talker. But this after talk, allows you as a couple to continue with the pleasant feelings that you had and build up to a better sex life in the future. As i mentoned in my previous post the more you communicate in your relationship the better you as a couple will become.

Push out distractions

Leave the phones on the bed side for 10 minutes, your followers and friends can wait for you. What cant wait is the special connection you need to hold after your intimate. Look into each other’s eyes, rub his stomach whilst he caresses your back as you lay in the moment. Who are you rushing around for. Lay back and indulge your moment. Cherish the time.

Shower together (When possible)

If we can get dirty together we can get clean together too. Take the opportunity when you can to spend the extra time together to just clean off and bond. Wash his back let him wash your hair. The smaller things is what we will miss if we do not take control of them now.

Love to all!!