Why you should cut your hair short once in your life

I always was the one experimenting with my hair from the age of 14-15. My mom was never one to say no to any color I wanted to try or hairstyle I wanted to do. But rather than feeling that it’s a daunting task to do I always have embraced change, and always lived life on the edge (if you could say) of hairstyles and colors. If you have not ever had a big chop or tried to go for an androgynous look once in your life, I am here to inspire you! Here are a few reasons why you should chop your locks off once in your life. Whether a buzz cut or a short pixie.

Change your whole look in under and hour!

If you’re looking to drastically change your look for probably under R300, depending on your stylist fees. This is the best option in the market. Walk in the old you, walk out the new you!


This year was the second time around I chopped my hair right down to around 5cm and gosh I felt amazing! To wake up to soft untouched damaged hair, was amazing. I never felt so alive. I hid behind my hair in most ways as society sometimes makes as though a woman’s beauty falls into her hair, but hell what is the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, should you not judge a woman by her inner beauty too. Strong woman are not made by their hair and but more how they live their lives inspiring other woman too and leaving a legacy.

It is very healthy

Don’t forget once you chop off the locks. You are left with the most healthy and undamaged hair you probably have not had in years. I can vouch my hair is at its healthiest and amazingly enough I can actually see the natural color and texture of my hair that I never even knew I had. Shocking.


With shorter hair you can also change up your hair more often, in terms of color and styling. All take less time to do and to possibly undo. Lol.

Hair grows back

Let’s be honest hair grows back so don’t be in a panic. Hair is hair – only hair. Live a little! I have already done it twice!